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Thankful November Blessings!

Our stone of the month is good for gratitude.


Green Apatite is a Water element stone that also resonates with the Earth element.  It is stimulating to the physical body and the heart chakra, as well as helping to open the third eye and intuitive faculties.  It is an excellent stone to use when one has difficulty in manifesting one's vision.  Green Apatite exudes the energy of the awakening spring, bringing freshness and vitality after difficulty of pain.  It stimulates hope and renewed courage in the face of adversity.  It is an excellent stone for those recovering from long illness or emotional pain.  It is also a great stone for healers, as it assists the practitioner in maintaining a positive, clear energy field and a heart-centered focus.

Green Apatite can awaken heart knowledge, allowing one to understand the karmic basis for one's current experience--particularly those of an emotional nature.  Wearing it when useful when one is working to clear emotional patterns from relationships or to discontinue negative communication habits with loved ones.  It can help one rise above past patterns in karmic relationships, so that interaction can be based upon the present.

Green Apatite can also be used as an abundance stone, due to its ability to stimulate the flow of energy on the physical plane.  It helps one feel true abundance, meaning gratitude for life, breath and love.  Once this energy is established, it can also assist in attracting money--a symbol of abundant energy.  For those who have an emotional attachment to or repugnance for the symbol of money,

Green Apatite can assist in breaking that bond, allowing one to see money solely as a symbol of energy exchange.  This helps to heal patterns of avarice and self-righteous poverty, lending a joyful air to the process of manifesting abundance.

Green Apatite's energy assists one in connecting with the electromagnetic field of the planet, allowing one to replenish one's energy and establishing a connection between the heart of the Earth and the physical heart.  It is a stone for healing both humans and the Earth.

Green Apatite helps strengthen both the physical heart and the heart chakra.  It is especially useful for those who have heart problems and/or stress due to scarcity-mindedness.  It is an excellent general healing stone, supporting the work of more specific stones as it builds a sense of abundant health, energy and happiness.


Green Apatite helps manifest one's vision, increase one's sense of abundance, and heal imbalances around money.  It is a joyful stone that encourages one to release one's attachment to illness or disease and to focus with renewed hope vibrant good health.


Green Apatite can assist in perceiving and healing emotional patterns with roots in other lifetimes.  It brings a general sense of emotional well-being and healing into the aura.  It can help one understand the emotional basis for issues of abundance and/or money.


On a physical level, Green Apatite stimulates the physical heart and helps in situations of heart disease.  It can be a useful stone when one is recovering from heart attack, heart surgery, or other heart disease--especially when those illnesses are based in stress and habits driven by scarcity-mindedness or fear of lack.  It is a useful all-around healing stone that brings hope for recovery and a refreshing healing energy to those who have been ill.


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