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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing with stones, gemstones or chakra stones is amazingly powerful.

I can almost hear you saying though:  How in this world can a rock help me to heal, is she crazy?

Well, let's see.  Does a nice talk with your friend make you feel better? Sun?  Water?  Good book?  Nature?  Art?  Dancing?  Music?

Anything and everything is a potential healer.

After all, our world is nothing more than energy that shows up in various forms, densities and patterns.

There is evidence that stones and crystals have been used for centuries in healing, dating back as far as some 60,000 years ago. 

Medical records from 12-18th centuries describe rather heavy reliance on crystals in treatment of patients with various ailments, taking advantage of this gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body and soul.

Are you wondering what the difference is between a crystal and a gemstone?

Gemstone = Rare, beautiful durable mineral with almost no flaws.  Not all gemstones are crystals.

Crystal = Pure chemical substance with molecules arranged in a regular geometric pattern.  Not all crystals are gemstones.

This makes crystals special, because molecules in other solid substances are mostly organized in a loose, haphazard manner.

The molecules of a crystal are 'squashed' together very closely, mostly because of the extreme pressure that was applied on them when they were being formed in the earth for thousands of years.

As a result, the molecules in crystals are not able to move around very much and so the energy vibrations are concentrated in one place.

Each crystal has a unique structure, which allows it to resonate at a certain frequency.  It is this resonance that gives crystals their healing properties.

In healing terms, this means that the healing crystal vibrational energy can be directed to a certain place to dissolve energy blockages, and stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms.

This effect, by the way, can be nicely measured.  For example, quartz crystals are so powerful in allowing electrical impulses to pass through them via a pre-determined path, that they are used in computer chips and watches.

How do you know you might need to have your chakras balanced?


The root chakra is the lowest chakra and is considered the 'first' chakra to connect with when you are connecting with and opening the chakras.

The root chakra represents the energy of basic survival needs, such as health, sex, resources (monetary, emotional, spiritual) as well as your ability to independently meet these basic needs.

The root chakra is all about our foundations. Fear blocks it and hope keeps it healthy and open.  Since the root chakra is considered the first chakra, blockage or weakness will absolutely effect all the others.  A tree cannot grow ripe fruit unless its roots are healthy and stable, and in this case, the roots of your physical and spiritual tree is the root chakra.


The sacral chakra represents emotion, passion, relationships (work, personal, romantic, etc.) creativity, innovation and ideas that we not only think about but also put into action.


The sacral chakra embodies the following characteristics:  emotions, creativity, sex drive, fantasy and relationship building.

If you navigate life feeling fearful or leery of others, or feel like you have great ideas that have difficulty seeing the light of day,
there's a good chance your sacral chakra is blocked.  Additional weak or blocked sacral chakra symptoms include:  over dependency on others, over emotionality, overindulgence in pleasure or feeling stuck creatively or in a dead end relationship.


The solar plexus is associated with feelings of confidence, power, ambition, that 'gut feeling' and fortitude in our lives.  The solar
plexus is associated with and physically affects our diaphragm, the small intestine and the rib cage.  The solar plexus empowers us to live and carry out our lives feeling like we have meaning and purpose.

The solar plexus chakra evokes the following feelings in ourselves:  willpower, drive, judgment, decision making, self-discipline, confidenceand responsibility.

As a result, the inverse of these feelings, which is fear, shame, doubt and hesitation around your own power or fear of giving up familiarity is associated with a closed solar plexus chakra.


Just like our hearts, this chakra is associated with love, compassion and how we give and receive love to others in our lives and in the world.

The heart chakra  is associated with feeling love for self and others, transformation, compassion, emotional intellegence and empathy, forgiveness and acceptance of others.

A closed heart chakra is associated with world-weariness and fear about others, other-ness and disappointment, fear or intentional
self-sabatoge toward receiving and giving love from/to others and to yourself.



The throat chakra is associated with communication, expression and speaking and living in your truth.

A closed throat chakra is associated with feeling afraid to speak up because you may be judged, aren't sure if you trust yourself to
communicate effectively, or even recognize that your voice is an instrument for creating opportunity and information for others and yourself.

The throat chakra also carries a risk of being over-active, meaning that it is too open and causes equal physical and spiritual harm. 
Symptoms of an over-active throat chakra include gossiping, nonstop talking, teasing and verbally harassing others (including arguing).


The third eye chakra is associated with the spiritual realms that our third eye (or the physical spot between your eyebrows) deals with, such as intuition, physic abilities and spirituality.  It embodies the ability to bring us wisdom.

The third eye chakra is associated with feelings and behaviors such as wisdom, inner knowing, trust, motivational leadership, healing and keen perception of everything and everyone around you.

Persons who are susceptible to illusion, false ideation, lies and propaganda have a blocked third eye chakra.  If you feel highly
sensitive to light, feel disconnected or easily distracted from meditation or spiritual practice, or can't 'see' something through, you
may have an underactive or closed third eye chakra.  Additional symptomsof an underactive or closed third eye chakra include:  feeling stuck with no future outlook on your life, not being able to see clearly (both physically and spiritually), rejecting or doubting spiritual beliefs or your intuition, not being able to see the bigger picture of a situation or your own life, and even feeling unfocused and unclear.


The crown chakra represents our connection to spirit, source, God, the Universe, or whatever your spiritual beliefs are - the crown chakra is responsible for that connection.  Your crown chakra allows you to not only connect with a higher, spiritual realm, but also recognize that some ethereal and eternal expanse in other people and in yourself.

The energetic properties that the crown chakra provides us are feelings of higher consciousness and spirituality, bliss, presence, awareness, inner and outer peace, connection with all living and invisible things and the ability to tap into one's higher self.


An underactive or closed crown chakra manifests itself in the following behaviors:  Feeling disconnected from spirituality, religion or faith, feeling disconnected with your own body or 'living in your head', fear-based dependency on spiritual matters (such as praying something away, for example) and even close-mindedness.